1040 Form for Filing Taxes (US)

1040 Form for Filing Taxes (US) okay so now is the moment we've all been waiting for it's uh taxes yay on a friday at least it's not taxes on a monday anyway so unless you're watching, this on a monday in which case sorry so this is the form 1040. this is the u.s tax return for. Individuals a lot of times if like if you're a high school student or a college student usually there's a 1040ez that's a lot simpler that you, could use a lot, of people these days don't necessarily fill out paper forms so i opened this one it's a pdf so that we could look at it, and go through all the things i really recommend using a service like or using a software like turbotax or h r black. Stuff like that a lot of times you can get the free editions those are really helpful and they, kind of ask you you don't have to really do much they just walk you through step by step and i go okay well what's in box one of your, w-2 and you go to your w-2 and blah blah it'll ask you questions do, you have any children yes or no did you buy a house in 2020 yes or no and so it's it's a whole lot easier, it just kind of walks. You through everything but if you're going to do it by paper you can do that you can generally get copies of. These at the post office when it's time you could it looks like you could probably print this out too this is pdf filler.com i don't know i found it, on google but anyway okay so let's walk through this so we have right here i'm. Gonna put my little picture over here so we can see this better so the first thing you would do is you go, okay well if are you single you're married married filing separately head of household so head of household means like um, let's say you'.

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