How To Fill Out The 1040 Schedule C Form For Gig Workers For DoorDash Grubhub etc For The PPP Loan

How To Fill Out The 1040 Schedule C Form For Gig Workers For DoorDash Grubhub etc For The PPP Loan what is up y'all what is up welcome to my channel y'all the side hustle apps channel of course this channel is for hustlers entrepreneurs gig workers people that are just looking to earn an extra income you, know what i'm saying subscribe to the channel if that is you so i. Want to do a quick video today on the schedule c form and how to fill it, out for gig workers but before i begin i did get a couple.

Of emails this morning where people were saying that their status had changed on womply from lender funding to like sba processing or something. Like that but it should have changed um to you being funded because my cousin had that same exact um status she checked her account then.

When she checked it a couple of hours later she actually said that it said now i.

Was being deposited into her account so hopefully that was for everybody that had that um status today hopefully it all changed to y'all getting your money, in the next couple of days but beyond all that let's get into this um schedule c form, y'all it's really really simple y'all for gig workers this isn't complicated at all i promise.

You and y'all get this done because i got an email from waffley that was. Saying that the money they don't think the money is going to last till may 31st they think the money is actually going. To run out by the end of this month so if you haven't filled out the schedule c, form you need to be doing it like right now okay so i'm going to basically show. You how to fill it out so that way you can get it submitted to womply keep in, mind if you haven't done your taxes that is absolutely fine still do the schedule c and then when, you get some time and you want to go ahead and do your taxes you can actually just go ahead and submit the schedule c, form when you do your taxes um for 2020. okay that being said y'all try, to get this money before it runs out y'all try to get the money before it runs out let's get into this y'all, so schedule we'll see you can get this form for free at the website of course i'm going to have the link in the description so i can just click it go straight to the. Schedule c form all right make sure it is 2020 schedule c form but this is simple y'all this is. So simple so pretty much you want to fill out the name of the. Proprietor which is you right and i'm, just going to do jane doe we're going to do social security three three three that's three three that's three three three, three okay we're going to do principal business you can do independent contractor okay my typing is all enter code from instructions you can just enter, 999 which basically that's for other that's what i used online um business name leave that blank because obviously you're. Independent contractor so it is going to be you employer id your employer id or tin number is going to be on your w9 or your well actually your. 10.99 that you received um from grubhub or doordash or ubereats if you made over six hundred dollars you shouldn't have you, should have gotten a 10.99 so that 29 that 109.99 is going to have an. Ein or a tin number so you just want to put, that you want to put that number right there okay business address is going to, be of course your your address wherever.

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