How to Prepare 2021 Form 1040 Income Tax Return for Married Filing Jointly

How to Prepare 2021 Form 1040 Income Tax Return for Married Filing Jointly i am from how to taxes i am here to help you fill out your form 1040 when you are married filing jointly to preface this video the irs is not accepting returns to february 12 this. Year the example for this video is that you're married with a 14 year old son this, is the front page of the form 1040 it is.

The top portion of the form check the box that you're married filing jointly put your name your spouse's name your address and your social security numbers at, the top of the form under the dependent section put your son's first and last name his social security number his relationship to you and check the, box that he qualifies for the child tax credit on line one put, your wages you can find this information from the form, w-2 that your employer sent you and obviously if you and your spouse both worked add the two w-2s together in our example your wages are seventy thousand put that on line one you also received a form 1099, interest from your bank reporting taxable interest in box one of. One hundred dollars put that on line two b add that to line one to arrive at total income on line.

Nine of seventy thousand one hundred dollars new this year the irs is allowing charitable contributions in addition to the standard deduction the max is. 300 in our example it. Is assumed that you gave 300 or more to a charity put that amount on line 10b and carry it, to line 10c subtract that from your total income to arrive at adjusted gross income on line 11 of 69 800 on line 12 put, your standard deduction it is assumed in our example that it will exceed your itemized deductions you can find, it in the box to the left.

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