IRS reminds tax payers of a few changes on the 1040 form

IRS reminds tax payers of a few changes on the 1040 form 2021 tax filing season begins february 12th and the irs is reminding taxpayers about free resources and tools available and changes that were made this year channel 5's judy gonzalez, joins us live with more good friday morning gabby that's right irs spokesperson irma trevino says now is the perfect time to gather all tax, documents whether it's w-2 forms 1099s or any related tax documents she also says some new sections have been added we need to keep in mind, that employers have until february 1st as a deadline to submit all the w2s and 1089s it's predicted to be, a busy tax season the irs already in full force to make the process a fast one with no delays.

Two minor changes this year the 1040 form added.

A set of new lines one is an adjustment to income and that is a three hundred dollar shareable deduction that would include, contributions to a non-profit organization or church the second added question line number 30 for those, taxpayers who think they qualify to receive the economic impact payment but they didn't receive it last year they can let us know indicating on that particular box that.

The amount of the economic impact payment that they are entitled to the, irs labeling that question as tax recovery payment you must answer if you did not receive it the uh filing system the official date for finances of 2020 it's, until february 12 but taxpayers can start gathering all the tax records however if you made 72 thousand, dollars or less as an annual income free file is, now available at to get a head start they walk you step by step so it's very easy to use the irs also wants to remind you that if.

You've received an economic impact check or debit card both forms of payment would be coming from.

The u.s department of treasury taxpayers are receiving payments via postal service a check or a debit card issued by the treasury, financial agent which is meta banker, so and it should say that it is the economic impact payment any other name or agent it can be a scam and because the irs is also warning it's a busy season.

For scammers so be sure you review all documents closely and run them by your tax, preparation representative and remember avoid opening links that you don't recognize now for additional information on the economic impact payment you can also visit that website that's you, can also find those links on that website for the free, filing remember these are free resources free tools to take a head start all of this information will also be under, this story's link after the newscast and again that's in mcallen yuri gonzalez channel 5 news this morning .

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